"The Most Advanced Audio Cylinder Reproducer Available"

Utilizing dual-output magnet cartridge technology, the ACT/2 Reproduction System is simply the best way to get the most from your audio cylinders. You'll hear higher highs, lower lows, and a generally "richer" sound. By connecting the ACT/2 Reproduction System to your home computer, you can record and manipulate the digitized sound files, and even output them to audio compact disc. This provides great flexibility in cylinder recording and restoration.

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Sample Recordings
These recordings were all created with the ACT Reproduction System connected to a laptop computer. All recordings are in RealAudio format. Click on the title to begin streaming playback.

Get Out and Get UnderBilly MurrayEdison Blue Amberol #2194
Silver BellsAda Jones & Billy MurrayEdison Blue Amberol #1524
Are You Coming Out Tonight Mary Ann?Billy MurrayEdison Black Wax #9395

Pretty amazing, huh? Although these sound pretty good, the RealAudio compression does reduce the audio quality (it does, after all, produce a 20:1 compression ratio!). For that reason, we are offering an audio Compact Disc with these, as well as several other cylinder recordings that we feel best demonstrate the capabilities of the ACT system. The CD also has a demonstration track which shows the quality of the ACT reproduction compared to the "microphone in front of the horn" technique, as well as before and after comparisons with the noise-reduction feature of the preamp. Some computer-based editing techniques (digitally removing cracks, splits, etc.) are also demonstrated.

The CD is available for $10, plus 2$ shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. (foreign orders email for info). Hey, this is what some people charge for a tape of common 78's recorded from a Victrola using the mic-in-horn technique!

To order your CD, please send your name, address and email address plus payment ($12 total) to:

Peter Liebert
530 Walnut St., Suite 307
Philadelphia PA 19106

ACTual Questions

  • What kind of phonograph do I need to use with the ACT Reproduction System?
    Any Edison cylinder machine with a standard size carrier eye will work. This includes the Standard, Fireside, Home, Triumph and Concert models (because of the poor motors on most GEMs we don't feel that we should recommend this model...but it would work!). All of the audio samples presented above were recorded using an Edison Standard model 'A' with 2/4 minute gearing.

  • What types of cylinders can be reproduced?
    With its interchangable stylus system, any type of 2 or 4 minute cylinder that will fit the above machines, including brown wax, black wax, and celluloid (e.g. Blue Amberol and Indestructable).

  • What kind of results can I really expect?
    The reproduction quality of the ACT/2 Reproduction System is directly related to the quality of the source material. The better the condition of the cylinder, the better the quality of the reproduction will be. No reproducer can satisfactorily play a moldy wax record, and the ACT (as great as it is!) is no exception.

    The other factor in good sound reproduction is the source phonograph, and a true-running, properly adjusted machine will provide the best results. A high end machine is not required and the samples above were created using an Edison Standard model A, but if you're recording alot of cylinders, using a Triumph will certainly reduce the frequency of cranking!

  • How difficult is it to use the ACT/2 reproducer?
    The ACT/2 Reproducer operates in an almost identical manor to a standard acoustic reproducer. Plug in the supplied cable, place it in the carrier eye, align the notch, screw it down and you're ready to go!

  • What types of output devices are supported?
    The ACT/2 Reproducer outputs about 5.5mv which is enough to drive the microphone input on most tape decks and computers. The preamp boosts that voltage to line-level for use in any device that has a "line-in" jack. Most computer sound cards have both, so optimum recording level/quality can be found.

Stylus Pressure:Approximately 5-7 grams
Output Voltage:Approximately 5.5mv
Styli Included:3 mil sapphire for Wax Amberol, Blue Amberol and 4 minute Indestructible Records
5.5 mil sapphire for 2-minute wax and Indestructable records
Optional - 2.7 mil Diamond for Blue Amberol/Indestructible only (when available)
Preamp:Included for simple demonstration and connection to receiver, tape recorder or other line-level inputs.
"Phono" inputs should be avoided due to undesireable RIAA curve compensation.
(Reproducer may be connected directly to many mic inputs without preamplifier)
Also Included:Instruction manual
9-volt battery (for preamp)
All Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice

Order Information
The cost of the complete ACT/2 Reproduction System as described above is $285, plus $10 shipping ($45 for the optional 2.7 mil Diamond stylus, when available. Please inquire first, before sending payment for it). Payment may be made via personal or cashiers check, money order, or Bettini Cylinders. Send payment to:

Peter Liebert
530 Walnut St., Suite 307
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Due to the immediate and overwhelming success of the ACT/2 Reproduction System, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Sample Recordings] [Q & A] [Specifications] [Order Information]

For additional information, or to get added to the ACTion e-mail list, please send email to Peter.

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